Financial Auditing Course Sample Syllabus

Screenshot of the first page of Financial Auditing Course Sample Syllabus
Thank you to Douglas Ziegenfuss from Old Dominion University for contributing this content!

Course Description:

This course discusses standards and ethics of the public accounting profession, generally accepted auditing standards, and public reporting, as well as exposure to other types of auditing, such as operational and compliance auditing.

Learning Goals:

  1. Ethics: Students can recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas and select a resolution for practical accounting situations.
  2. Written Communication: Students can communicate an issue in a coherent written presentation. Students can write clearly using proper grammar and spelling.
  3. Analytical Problem Solving: Students can apply methods from a variety of disciplines to solve business problems.
  4. Global Perspective: Students have a global business perspective.
  5. Accounting and Business Knowledge: Students have competency in basic accounting and business.