Advanced Audit and Assurance Course Sample Syllabus

Screenshot of first page of Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services Course Sample Syllabus
Thank you to Stanley Yap from Sunway University Business School for contributing this content!

Course Description

This course is an extension of “The Principles of Auditing,” which addresses two sections – namely audit, including internal audit, and assurance. It examines the critical aspects of managing audit and/or assurance engagements, which include acceptance, planning, managing, concluding and reporting. The focus is on statutory, regulatory, ethical and current issues relevant to those carrying out audit and/or assurance engagements.

Course Goals/Objectives

The objective of this course is to enable students to plan, conduct and manage an audit and/or assurance engagement in line with appropriate standards.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and comply with the statutory, regulatory, professional and ethical requirements relevant to the conduct of an audit (both external and internal) and/or assurance assignment.
  • Plan, conduct, conclude and report on an audit and/or assurance assignment in accordance with the terms of such an engagement and appropriate standards.
  • Understand the impact of information and communication technology and risks on the conduct of an audit and/or assurance assignment.
  • Conduct investigations in relation to fraud committed by management and staff.