Accounting Communications Course Sample Syllabus

Screenshot of the first page of Accounting Communications Course Sample Syllabus
Thank you to Katie Cordova from the University of Arizona for contributing this content!

Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is for masters of accounting students to develop the communication skills necessary to succeed in the accounting profession. The course will focus on written and verbal communication as well as presentation skills with specific application to financial information and the accounting profession. Interpersonal skills, such as delivering feedback, diversity management, leadership and interviewing, will also be covered.

Areas of Focus:

Executive Communications

  • Content and submission of 10-K annual financial statement reports
  • Board of director/audit committee communications
  • Investor relations communications

Internal Communications

  • Presentation of financial results
  • Internal control documentation
  • Communications with non-accountants

Preparing and Delivering Feedback

  • Editing written documents
  • Assessing the effectiveness of presentations
  • Preparing formal written performance reviews
  • Delivering verbal feedback

Other Interpersonal Skills

  • Persuasive messages
  • Interviewing techniques

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