Internal Audit Administration

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Process Overview Form Guide

This sample document provides instructions on using process overview forms and includes a blank template and a completed...
Mon, Nov 27, 2023

Process Mapping Guidelines Flow Charting

This guide defines primary symbols and provides specific guidelines for preparing a flow chart.
Mon, Nov 20, 2023
Checklists & Questionnaires

Internal Audit Feedback Questionnaire

This tool includes 10 sample questionnaires that can be used by internal audit functions to gather client feedback and m...
Mon, Nov 6, 2023
Requests for Proposals - RFPs

Request for Proposal: Internal Audit Co-Sourcing/Outsourcing

This tool contains three sample request for proposals (RFPs) that can be used by organizations seeking a qualified servi...
Mon, Sep 4, 2023

Internal Audit’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions Guide

We’ve designed this guide to help internal auditors understand their role in the mergers and acquisitions process.
Mon, Aug 28, 2023
Policies & Procedures

Purchasing Policy

This document contains four sample policies that establish standards and guidelines an organization should follow during...
Mon, Aug 14, 2023
Policies & Procedures

Physical Inventory Policy

Use this sample inventory policy to perform regular physical tallies of your organization’s raw material, work-in-proces...
Mon, Aug 7, 2023
Audit Programs

Plant Operations Audit Work Program

This audit program can be used by organizations to determine a plant’s safety environment and ensure compliance with com...
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Mon, Feb 20, 2023
Checklists & Questionnaires

Audit Committee Questionnaire: Auditor Effectiveness

This tool includes a list of questions to consider for soliciting internal audit performance feedback from members of th...
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Mon, Feb 6, 2023

Internal Audit Effectiveness Guide

This guide can be used by internal audit to measure and improve the company’s internal controls over financial reporting...
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Mon, Jul 25, 2022
Job Descriptions

Vice President, Internal Audit Job Description

This tool includes two sample job descriptions that outline the responsibilities, key selection criteria and general inf...
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Mon, Jul 18, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Audit Project Checklist

This tool contains several checklists that can be used to assess the extent to which project management standards are be...
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Mon, Jul 11, 2022