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Checklists & Questionnaires

Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Identify areas of concern and build next year's audit plan with our internal audit risk assessment questionnaire.
Mon, Nov 20, 2023

Repeat Adverse ICFR Assessments

Audit Analytics explores how often companies receive multiple adverse ICFR disclosures and what issues continue to go un...
Mon, Oct 9, 2023
Benchmarking Reports

2023 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey

The results of Protiviti’s 2023 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey assess SOX internal costs, hours, controls and other tr...
Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Audit Fee Trends of S&P 500

Audit Analytics offers a comprehensive overview of the SEC audit fee market examined in its 20-Year Review of Audit Fee ...
Mon, Sep 11, 2023

A Closer Look at Shareholder Votes Against Auditor Ratification – 2022

In this article, Audit Analytics analyzes trends in how shareholders vote every year.
Mon, Aug 28, 2023

2021 Auditor Market Share of Registered Investment Advisers

Audit Analytics looks at the audit firm market share of registered investment advisers broken down by U.S. region.
Mon, Jun 12, 2023

Auditing Corporate Governance Guide

This guide can be used by auditors to assess and understand the four pillars of an organization’s governance framework.
Mon, Jun 12, 2023

2021 Auditor Market Share of Non-Profits

Audit Analytics looks at the audit firm market share of non-profits broken down by sectors such as education, public ser...
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Mon, Apr 24, 2023

ISO 27001: 2022 – Key Changes and Approaches to Transition

A look at the changes and updates to the ISO 27001 standard published on October 25, 2022, and the approaches organizati...
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Mon, Apr 3, 2023

2021 Auditor Market Share of Banking Institutions

Audit Analytics looks at the 2021 audit firm market share of banking institutions broken down by bank holding companies,...
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Mon, Mar 27, 2023

2022 Audit Firm Market Share of Private Funds

Audit Analytics looks at all private funds reported by registered and exempt advisers dating back to 2012.
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Mon, Mar 13, 2023

Audit and Non-Audit Fees of the S&P 500

Audit Analytics looks at audit and non-audit fees for the S&P 500 across its different industries.
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Mon, Dec 19, 2022