Enterprise Resilience

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Policies & Procedures

Inventory Valuation Policy

Ensure that your organization’s inventory is properly controlled and prevent losses or shortages with this sample valuat...
Mon, Nov 27, 2023

Freedom to Fail: Risk Appetite for Innovation

This issue of Board Perspectives explores how boards can thrive in a rapidly changing world by fostering a higher risk a...
Mon, Nov 13, 2023

Offense for Defense: The Art and Science of Cybersecurity Red Teaming

How organizations can make informed decisions to enhance their defenses against an increasingly complex and dynamic cybe...
Mon, Nov 13, 2023

Principles for Data Recovery From a Severe Cyber Scenario

This white paper explores how firms and regulators can set appropriate risk-based expectations for testing, reporting, r...
Mon, Oct 30, 2023

The Power of Digital Twins in the Cybersecurity Mesh

Here, we explore the transformative impact of integrating digital twins into the “cybersecurity mesh,” a decentralized s...
Mon, Oct 16, 2023
Benchmarking Reports

2023 Global Technology Executive Survey

Technology leaders are exploring new ways to drive innovation and maximize the value of IT in a changing world driven by...
Mon, Sep 25, 2023
Performer Profiles

Carlyle: Building Relevance From the Start — and Taking It on the Road

Carlyle Global Chief Audit Executive Daniel Mutzig describes how his team aims to increase its relevance and be seen as ...
Mon, Sep 25, 2023

Economist Peter Henry Offers a Road Map for a More Equitable and Prosperous Future

Stanford Economist Peter Henry and Protiviti’s Joe Kornik explore the future of money – specifically, what could lead us...
Mon, Sep 25, 2023

Metaverse 2030: Defining the “Next Internet” and Finding Ways for Businesses to Thrive in It

New metaverse threats — like invisible-avatar eavesdropping and the cloning of voice and facial features via avatars — w...
Mon, Sep 11, 2023

Interweaving the Strands of AI and Soar Onto the Cybersecurity Mesh

This article explores the concept of “cybersecurity mesh” and how the integration of AI could transform this mesh into a...
Mon, Aug 14, 2023

Procurement Transformation Fuels Supply Chain Resilience

Redesigning procurement capabilities to support supply chain resilience is a comprehensive undertaking, but execution is...
Mon, Jul 31, 2023

Defense Is the Best Offense: The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity Blue Teams and the Impact of Soar Technologies

This article accentuates the tactical implementation of cyber defense mechanisms to augment an organization’s capacity t...
Mon, Jul 10, 2023