Continuous Auditing

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Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane: Getting on Board With Change to Increase Relevance

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group Chief Audit Officer Sergio Romiti explains how continuous auditing is important for ...
Mon, Nov 27, 2023
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ETN Turistar: Fast-Tracking Relevance Through Technology and Transformational Leadership

Ruben Diaz Cruz, ETN Turistar’s Director of Internal Audit and Control, shares how his team aims to create an internal a...
Mon, Oct 23, 2023

Internal Audit’s Role in Cybersecurity Guide

This document can be used as a guide for understanding internal audit’s role in an organization’s cybersecurity process....
Mon, Oct 16, 2023
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Bayer AG: Maintaining Relevance Through a “Big Picture” Lens

Axel Hamann, Bayer’s Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management, highlights his team’s proactive mindset toward identify...
Mon, Sep 4, 2023

Data Analytics and Mining Guide

This tool contains two guides that can be used by auditors to understand and review an organization’s data analytics and...
Mon, Aug 14, 2023
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Internal Auditing Around the World: Volume 19

The new edition of Internal Auditing Around the World addresses how internal audit functions are increasing the relevanc...
Mon, Jul 24, 2023

Defense Is the Best Offense: The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity Blue Teams and the Impact of Soar Technologies

This article accentuates the tactical implementation of cyber defense mechanisms to augment an organization’s capacity t...
Mon, Jul 10, 2023

Continuous Monitoring and Auditing Guide: Critical Success Factors and Common Pitfalls

This document can be used as a guide to understanding and measuring the essential elements of an organization’s continuo...
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Mon, Apr 17, 2023
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DKSH: Achieving Alignment of Purpose to Future-Proof the Workforce

DKSH Group Internal Audit Vice President Yue Kendall shares how her team minimizes the effects of shocks and stresses of...
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Mon, Feb 6, 2023
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ConocoPhillips: Evolving Internal Audit Toward a Technology-Enabled Future

Bob Heinrich, general auditor at ConocoPhillips, highlights his team’s critical efforts toward developing an organizatio...
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Mon, Jan 9, 2023
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2021 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey

The 2021 edition of Protiviti's annual SOX report explains some of the changes SOX compliance practices have faced post-...
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Mon, Jul 19, 2021
Benchmarking Reports

2020 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey

The 2020 edition of Protiviti's annual SOX report explains some of the changes SOX compliance practices have faced since...
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Mon, Jul 20, 2020