Revenue Process Controls Questionnaire

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Screenshot of the first page of Revenue Process Controls Questionnaire

This sample questionnaire includes a list of items to consider when reviewing an organization’s revenue process controls.

This template provides several business activities and the related objectives for each control. Within the questionnaire, you can document the control attribute, determine whether the control exists, whether it was designed properly, related test procedures, whether controls are operating effectively, and more.

Example control objectives in this tool include:

  • Credit reviews are required prior to entering into customer contracts.
  • In determining the appropriate credit line, the following factors have been considered: the customer’s purchasing requirements, historical information about the company, credit rating-indications, quantitative (financial) evaluation, and qualitative (non-financial) factors.
  • Credit ratings and line of credits are established utilizing a consistent methodology.
  • Orders are only processed within approved customer credit limits.
  • Orders are approved by management as to prices and terms of sale.
  • There is a policy for handling non-standard terms and conditions, including appropriate management approval.

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