Health Insurance Broker/Agent Process Flow

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Screenshot of the first page of Health Insurance BrokerAgent Process Map

This flowchart defines the steps for establishing a health insurance broker/agent process. Sample steps include: BOD/the benefits committee/HR determines the range of coverage desired from the insurance provider; HR administers a survey to all employees to determine what benefits are most valued; HR develops a summary plan description (SPD); BOD/the benefits committee/HR determines how the cost of the plan will be divided between employee and employer; BOD/the benefits committee determine a starting date for coverage and info on the makeup of the workforce (such information might include the number of employees, marital status, gender, average age, number of dependents, and the employer’s name, address, tax ID number, financials, general history, etc.); and if the process is done by a broker, then the company obtains a list of qualified health insurance brokers. This document should be used as a general guide to understand and review this business process. Organizations should customize this tool to ensure that it reflects their business operations and continuously monitor the process to ensure that the steps described are accurate.

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