AP Invoice Unblocking Process Flow

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Accounts payable cannot pay an invoice when it becomes blocked for processing within the system. Invoices can be blocked either automatically or manually and there are a few common types of discrepancies that can cause blocked invoices: a missing proof of delivery; a quantity invoice discrepancy; or a price invoice discrepancy. The accounts payable scheduling clerk identifies any discrepancies resulting in a blocked invoice. This sample process flow focuses on the accounts payable process when invoices for goods have been blocked. The accounts payable invoice unblocking process includes steps such as: Run SAP report listing all blocked invoices Receive and review invoice and research the cause of the price discrepancy Determine that the invoice has been blocked due to missing proof of delivery Contact the buyer to update the purchase price on the purchase order in SAP This document should be used as a general guide to understand and review this business process. Organizations should customize this tool to ensure that it reflects their business operations and continuously monitor the process to ensure that the steps described are accurate.

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