Internal Auditing Around the World: Volume 4

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Screenshot of the first page of Internal Auditing Around the World - Volume 4
Profiles of Internal Audit Functions at Leading International Companies

Today’s internal audit (IA) functions are achieving their objectives and improving operations by being resourceful and flexible, engaging in dialogue with management about IA activities and their alignment with company goals, stressing the importance of internal controls throughout the organization, and relying on technology to help manage routine auditing tasks and focus on risk assessment.

This booklet examines the challenges and successes of 19 top-performing IA teams. One of the key takeaways from the IA functions profiled in this publication is that today’s internal auditors are actively striving to be highly visible to the entire operation. To achieve this, many auditors must travel to far-flung destinations to learn firsthand about their company’s activities and industry and build strong relationships with personnel throughout the organization, and with external auditors and other outside resources.

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