Mon, Oct 16, 2023
ByProtiviti KnowledgeLeader

Prepare your company’s IT audit requirements with the IT audit resources and best practices linked in this blog post. 

1. Internal Audit’s Role in Cybersecurity Guide

This document can be used as a guide for understanding internal audit’s role in an organization’s cybersecurity process.

2. Security and Access Policy

This Security and Access Policy provides a company with a single reference for governance pertaining to matters of security for personnel, facilities, assets, information and business operations.

3. IT Asset Management Guide

This guide focuses on improvements organizations can make to effectively perform their IT asset management process.

4. Segregation of Duties and Logical Access Guide

This guide can be used by auditors looking to better understand segregation of duties (SOD) processes and best practices.

5. Banking/Financial Institution Account Policy

This tool contains three sample policies that establish guidelines for a company’s activities related to opening, closing and maintaining financial institution accounts.


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